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Kids Swimming Lessons

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Kids Swimming Lessons

Do you know that swimming is one of the very few sports / gross motor skills activities that activates both sides of your brain?

Studies have shown that children who swims more often has more connections between neurons in their brain compared to those who don't swim. Which means that children, who swim more, have a more active brain than those who rarely swim.

These are one of the many benefits swimming has on a child who starts swimming at a younger age.

It is known that children who take up swimming classes early tend to have improved reflexes, attention span as well as focus; besides it also enhances their ability in thought processing.

Many of these are essential when the time comes for them to begin their education.

Apart from all these, children who are involved in swimming lessons, will develop their social and emotional skills further because they are involved with other children.

The list doesn't stop here. There are many other benefits that swimming has on a child. As the saying goes, "Everything begins at a tender age."

Sign up with us now and let your child reap the benefits of swimming!

With our unique step-by-step effective program guide on how to swim.

Your child will be a happy, confident and proficient swimmer! Let's not forget the other benefits as well!

  • Classes available at:
  • Aranda Country Club, Chui Hui Lim Club, Canadian International School & Condos
  • Max class size: 6
  • Duration: 45 – 50 min
Aranda Country Club
per month
  • Max class size: 6
  • Non-Members pay
  • $100 per month
Chui Hui Lim Club
per month
  • Max class size: 5
  • Non-Members pay
  • $120 per month
Canadian International School
per month
  • Max class size: 10