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Infants Swimming Lessons

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Infants Swimming Lessons

Looking for something different? This is a unique parent and child-swimming lesson!

Swimming has a huge role to play in a child's development during their early years and we all know the list of benefits it has on a child.

Not to sound too naggy or long-winded, we will just list four benefits for you.

First up! Self-awareness and independence!

Your baby will slowly learn self-awareness through the motion and sensation of the water which otherwise would not be gained during their playtime on land. Given time as they become more self-aware, he or she will learn balance and coordination in water as they gradually gain independence in water during lesson time with you.

Second benefit! Respect for water and awareness of water safety!

Children who swim regularly are less likely to panic in water as most swimming lessons now aims to introduce basic water safety skills such as back floating or turning to hold on to the wall, giving them a better chance in an event of an accident.

Bonding! Is our third benefit!

Swimming with your child is an intimate experience where you and your baby will enjoy without any distractions such as housework or phone calls! It helps builds trust between your baby and you with lays a firm foundation for your relationship with your baby.

Let's not forget this one, which most parents would love! Improved sleep!

Nothing beats physical activities! Swimming is a good form of exercise, because your baby has a lot to learn and experience during a session, swimming helps promote a good sleep. Good night everyone!

Before we go to sleep, there are a lot more benefits going for your baby once you get him or her started!

  • Classes available at:
  • Aranda Country Club, Chui Hui Lim Club & Condos
  • Max class size: 6
  • Duration: 30 min
Chui Hui Lim Club
per month
  • Max class size: 6
  • Members pay only
  • $105 per month
Aranda Country Club
per month
  • Max class size: 6
  • Members pay only
  • $90 per month