Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Please bring along their Swim wear, kicking board and goggles.

No, there will not be swim lessons on Public Holidays.

Category Age Range
Infant 6 - 36 months
Toddlers 3 - 5 years old
Learn to Swim 5 - 16 years old
Adult 16 years old and above
Competition 7 years and above

Even though floatation devices can be valuable tools when it comes to swimming, we do not encourage the use of these devices. After prolonged usage, the child would then be accustomed to the upright position in water, due to the nature of the floaters. This would then make it even harder for them to adjust themselves into a horizontal position, which is the best and most efficient position to be in while swimming. Having said that, safety is still of utmost importance, therefore, floatation devices like life-jackets are encouraged.

The staff and crew here at Swim Concierge Singapore take your child’s progression very seriously. We conduct constant evaluations to ensure your child is in the right class at the right time. It is also important to note that rushing though our program might do more harm than good. Parents have to bear in mind that a child rushed through our program, will never be as efficient a swimmer as compared to a child that takes the time to master the different skill sets offered in our program.

Communication between Parent and Coach is crucial. If Parents are unhappy with the pace of your child’s swim class, do kindly approach our Coaches. No one understands your kid’s swimming progression as well as his/her coach. We strive to do the best for your child, everything is done for a reason.

Every kid learn and absorb differently. It really depends on how much water time they have. Their age plays a part as well.

It depends on how mild the ADHD is. We can have an assessment first before deciding which classes is suitable.

As there is a wide arrange of special need kids this have to go for a case by case base. If it is a very mild case we will advise to join in to the normal learn to swim classes. Please give us the details of your kids case and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

All will be conducted in English. For special request please let or admin know so we may be able to arrange a coach who is able to coach in the language you/ your kids is comfortable with.

All our coaches are certified by the prestigious AUSTSWIM which allows them to teach internationally.

As much as we can we will arrange the swimmers according to their level first then we will look at their age.

No. Parents are encourage to leave the swimmer under the care of our coaches. This will aid the kid greatly in learning independency.

You can bring your kids for a free assessment for our coaches to have a look.

It depend on a lot of factors. They can range from 3 month to even 12 months.

Attention span for younger kids are relatively shorter as compared to the older ones. Understanding of infant methodology are often tougher too! Thus the rate for the classes are more pricy compared to water safety teacher.

To sign simply give us a call @ +65 9800 1120 or email us @ [email protected]
We will require the swimmer:
1) Full name
2) Parents contact number
3) And chose your prefer time and day from our available slots.

Swimming is actually one of the best sport for asthma kids. But please bring their medicines (eg, inhaler) when they come for lessons.

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