AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety™ (TSW)

Swim Concierge is one of the few swim school in Singapore that is an AUSTSWIM recognised swim center

Austswim Teacher course is structured for participant to understand the fundamental to teach Swimming and Water Safety™ to persons(or individual) from four years of age and above.


  1. MAY enrol in an AUSTSWIM course at 16 years of age but are not eligible to receive the accreditation until they are 17 years of age.
  2. ARE required to have a reasonable level of fitness and swimming ability.

Delivery Strategy:

The course consists of theory and practical components.

  1. Theory component - topics may be offered through classroom attendance or selected topics via DVD home study.
  2. Practical component - involves swimming and water safety activities that may be carried out in shallow or deep water.

The course is approximately 16-20 contact hours (theory and practical), plus supervised on the job teaching hours and assessment. Topics include:

  1. Overview of AUSTSWIM and the aquatic industry
  2. Legal responsibilities for the AUSTSWIM teacher™
  3. How people learn
  4. Being an effective teacher
  5. Aquatic safety, survival and rescue skills
  6. Principle of movement in water
  7. Water familiarisation, buoyancy, mobility and safety
  8. Teaching safer diving skills
  9. Towards efficient stroke development
  10. Plan, deliver and review a lesson

To gain the AUSTSWIM accreditation, the following assessment components must be satisfactorily completed within 12 months of the course commencement date.

  1. On-line theory assessment (completed after attending a course).
  2. Continuous Aquatic Sequence.
  3. Practical demonstration of teaching skills, including the preparation of lesson plans.
  4. Demonstrate competence in water safety techniques. Candidates holding a current Bronze Medallion,
  5. Pool Lifeguard or equivalent award, may gain an exemption by providing a copy of the award.
  1. Practical teaching hours including observation, supervised teaching and verification of teaching competency.
  2. Show evidence of holding a current cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) award.
  3. Submit photo for AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence™.

On successful completion of all course requirements candidates will receive the AUSTSWIM Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety™ accreditation and as a result be issued the AUSTSWIM Teacher Licence. This licence is valid for 3 years at which point the AUSTSWIM Teacher™ must renew their accreditation.

Upcoming AUSTSWIM TSW™ Course Date

24 & 25 September 2016
per course
  • Location: TBC
  • Time: TBC
27 & 28 August 2016
per course
17 & 18 December 2016
per course
  • Location: TBC
  • Time: TBC